about this agency

I’m Frederik, born in 1996 in Denmark. Letmework was initially a Bangkokian business - today I’m based in Lisbon. It’s a recruitment agency that sets time aside for individuals who wants to work and travel. I’m a dedicated recruiter that understands your situation. Being inspired by the freedom of freelancing, I wanted to inspire others to make the same move as I did late 2018 moving to South East Asia. With a cluttered recruitment market, I’m constantly on the lookout for effective tools to make your life easier when relocating or hiring.

I established the company to show how important it is to be curious. “Bootstrapped to convince you anything is possible”. That is my vision with my business.

When I established the company, I moved to Bangkok at the same time. An extreme thing to do. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The city is bustling and incredibly overwhelming at first. My funds were low, so I was staying in a hostel for a couple of months till I’ve literally recruited myself out of there. Then I could afford a coworking space. At this point I was eating a lot of noodles (and I still miss ‘em).

I moved into The Company, Work Link (株式会社Zero-Ten); a coworking done by a Japanese company that is also in the event- and installation space. Its location was in the legendary entertainment district; the GMM Grammy skyscraper. It was on the 23rd floor. I quickly started learning Thai from this environment. One of my friends was a Korean Wordpress-code slayer. We always sat next to each other.

I was 22 years old. Looking back, I have zero regrets having my own business in a country where it’s relatively hard to do business. Today I miss a lot of things about it. It fuelled my passion of sending other people abroad. 

Mid March 2020, the embassy of Denmark called me and told me I should come home to Denmark. Borders were closing up because of the pandemic and I was in the midst of it. I hopped on a plane a couple of days later.

Now I started my life in Denmark again. I quickly tested positive with COVID-19. Letmework was on hold, because I didn’t find it very responsible playing with people’s lives during a pandemic. I joined a fintech in Copenhagen for a key account-managing role. A few months later I hopped back into recruitment and now I’m absolutely in love with it like I was in Bangkok.

I’m quite emotional when I talk about my business, because my brain jumps right back into those scary, but exciting times, from Bangkok. The business sort of taught me a lot of things, and vice versa. I grew with it in my early twenties. And that has been so important for me.